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DECEMBER 2, 2000

Jaguar denies Stepney move

THE rumors have been around since last Spring that Ferrari team coordinator Nigel Stepney will be moving to Jaguar Racing in 2001 but the Milton Keynes team says that this is not the case - although denials of rumors by Formula 1 teams these teams can never be believed as more often than not they prove to be incorrect.

Jaguar also says that while there has been a big clearout of the technical staff of the F1 team, race engineer Robin Gearing has not departed the team.

But while the team is obviously worried about bad publicity from the firings the general feeling in F1 circles is that the team's desire to improve is a good sign and that it was necessary to clear away a lot of the people from the old Stewart Grand Prix so that the team could become a truly Jaguar team rather than the old Stewart team in different clothing.