British Grand Prix heading for a sell-out

NEXT years British Grand Prix is heading for a sell out and Silverstone officials are warning spectators to make sure they get their tickets early.

The British Grand Prix is normally sold out ahead of time, but due to the race reverting back to July 2001, tickets are expected to go quicker than last year's 2000 washout.

Torrential rain ruined last year's event with many fans being turned away due to car parks being flooded near by.

Due to the problem, replacement tickets were offered for next years race, making seats for the 2001 event in even shorter supply.

Peter Morris, spokesman for the Northamptonshire circuit said: "The race has gone back to its July date, and it may seem a long way away to people with Christmas on their minds, so legions of F1 fans may have put off securing their bookings until next year.

"However because we are offering replacement tickets to fans who couldn't get to this years race, the reality is that tickets are in significantly short supply, even shorter than normal, and we are dealing on a first come first served basis."

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