Changes coming at Jaguar?

AN announcement is expected shortly from Jaguar about further changes to the team for next season and we have heard stories that this will involve a new sporting director being appointed. As we suggested some months ago this will probably be Ferrari's current team coordinator Nigel Stepney, who has been working at Ferrari since the start if 1993 and has played an important role in ensuring that the cars have run reliably in recent years.

There are also rumors from Jaguar that there may also be changes in the technical management. Current technical director Gary Anderson started working at Jordan exactly two years ago and while it is believed that there is a third year on his contract it is also possible that this may be negotiated away. It remains to be seen who will take over the technical direction of the team although in the short term the position may not need to be filled as the 2001 car is being produced by a team of design engineers led by John Russell. The team has recently taken on a new chief aerodynamicist in Mark Handford and the possibility of attracting a bigger name as technical director will have taken a big leap forward with the decision at the end of last week for the team to be granted planning permission for its huge new factory at Silverstone. This will mean that the team's huge new windtunnel will be able to go into operation in time for the design of the 2003 car.

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