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NOVEMBER 6, 2000

Mugen-Honda confirm F1 exit

HIROTOSHI HONDA, president of Mugen, has confirmed the immediate withdrawal of his company from Formula One at the end of the season.

Honda announced that the Mugen-Honda badge will no longer supply engines in Formula One, apparently leaving Italian team Minardi in a desperate search for a new power-unit.

Minardi, who were supplied by Ford Cosworth in 2000, rebadged as Fondmetal had hoped to secure a Mugen-Honda engine next season. But the Japanese company, who supplied Jordan in 2000, have pulled out of Grand Prix racing.

Despite this apparent lack of a suitable powerplant however, there is an anomaly in the plans for the new Ford Racing Campus development that is set to house most of Ford's motor sport facilities when it opens at Silverstone circuit.

Drawn into the plans, revealed exclusively on Inside F1 in September, is the provision for design and construction of Cosworth engines exclusively for the Faenza-based team.

Honda meanwhile admitted to being saddened by the departure, but said the company will continue to compete in other racing categories.

During their nine-year tenure in Formula One, Mugen won four Grands Prix and 12 other podium results.