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NOVEMBER 4, 2000

Coulthard insists consistency is the key to his world title quest

DAVID COULTHARD has set his sights on winning the Formula One World Championship in 2001 and he has insisted that more consistency in his driving will deliver the crown.

Coulthard believes he has the ability to drive at the front of the championship and is adamant he has the strength of mind to handle the pressure that comes with being at the top of the field. Now, all he wants to do is add consistency.

"In my career, my two team-mates (Mika Hakkinen and Damon Hill) have both been world champions, and I have been able to beat them," said Coulthard. "I just need to do it consistently. The basis is there.

"I can handle the pressure. Sometimes I will see something that puts me under pressure and I can handle that very well, but sometimes when I believe there's no pressure, things don't go right. But I can deal with that."

Coulthard has played second driver to Hakkinen at McLaren since 1996, but the Scot said that it is the two-time world champion's presence in the team that helps him strive for success.

He added: "I think that if Mika was to retire, because I've strived to beat him for so long, there would be a massive void for me. I've never been a clear number one in the team and I am largely happy with someone having a smaller opinion of me than I would of myself."