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NOVEMBER 3, 2000

Schumacher loses look-alike court case

MICHAEL SCHUMACHER lost a court case in Stuttgart, Germany on Thursday after filing a multi-million pound damages claim against his look-alike Frank Sassen.

Schumacher launched the court action after Dutchman Sassen gave up his job as a horse food salesman to concentrate entirely on being the world champion's full-time double.

Sassen, often sporting a replica of Schumacher's famous Ferrari racing suit, has appeared on TV and has even made a CD called "Brumm Brumm, Victory Is Mine".

However, the 32-year-old insisted he only makes a modest income from impersonating Schumacher.

Schumacher's damages claim was, however, rejected by the court in Stuttgart and it was agreed that Sassen could appear at public events and wear the red racing suit, but he cannot do any advertising work.