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OCTOBER 31, 2000

Coulthard unrelenting in search of world championship

DAVID COULTHARD has vowed to be unrelenting in his search to win the world championship.

Coulthard, who has spent four seasons at McLaren, suggested he could even leave the Woking-based team if it gave him a better chance of achieving his dream.

"If there was an opportunity to leave the team and enhance my chances of winning a world championship, then yes, I would," said Coulthard.

The Scot has often raced in the shadow of team-mate and double world champion Mika Hakkinen, and he said that has been half of his battle in each race. But it is a challenge Coulthard thrives upon and he is already keen to improve on last season.

"Half of it is beating Mika, and I believe that half is achievable. Part of that will come from me and part of that will come from the team. It's the usual thing," he added.

"There are things that I need to go over from last season, like my jump-start in America. Equally there are things that the team will need to improve on."