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OCTOBER 11, 2000

BMW-Williams deny Bridgestone test rumors

BMW-Williams have denied that they tested 2001-spec Bridgestone tires after reports had suggested they had contravened their deal with Michelin.

The Grove-based team have signed a deal to be supplied by Michelin next year, when the French tire manufacturer re-enters Formula One.

But reports had suggested that BMW-Williams tested Bridgestone's 2001-spec tires during a recent test as Estoril, in Portugal, but team spokesman Nav Sidhu has strenuously denied the rumors.

"We are understandably not a high priority for Bridgestone right now," Sidhu said. "Why would we have the 2001 development compounds?

"It is like saying we were given the 2001 Ilmor engine (used by McLaren) to test, it just doesn't happen."