Jaguar sign aerodynamicist Handford

LOLA CARS International have announced that aerodynamicist Mark Handford will join Jaguar Racing for the 2001 Formula One World Championship.

Handford will join the design team at Milton Keynes-based Jaguar but he has yet to have his role specified.

Handford's name became well known when he worked for a number of teams in America's Champ Car series - his best introduction being the 'Handford device', a rear wing which reduced the speed of cars on oval circuits.

He joined Lola last year to work on a new wind tunnel at the team's headquarters in Cambridgeshire but has now been released from his post after agreeing a deal with Jaguar.

"Mark made a big contribution in getting our wind tunnel up and running and as a result of that we've probably got the best commercially available wind tunnel in the world," Lola's managing director David Bowes said.

"I'm sure Mark will be a great asset to the Jaguar team, as he has been to Lola, but he came to do a specific job is now finished."

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