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OCTOBER 9, 2000

Singapore looking again

THE Republic of Singapore is again looking at the possibility of hosting a Grand Prix somewhere on the island of Singapore. The country, which has been independent of Malaysia since 1965 is one of the world's wealthiest countries. The 400 sq. mile island houses a total of just over four million people.

The Singapore Grand Prix was a regular feature in the 1960s and early 1970s on a road circuit which incorporated sections of Thomson Road. Motor racing was banned in 1973 but in the late 1980s Singapore was a serious candidate for a Grand Prix on a purpose-built circuit close to Changi Airport. The race was to have been funded by the SingaporeĂŠTouristĂŠPromotion Board and the organizers of the Australian GP in Adelaide were brought in to help develop the idea. Land near Changi was set aside to be used for a racing circuit but the ground proved to be unstable and eventually was turned into a new golf course.

There is only a small chance that the new project will get off the ground because the Formula 1 calendar is now so busy that there is almost a full calendar for the next five years. To complicate matters a number of newcomers want to hold races, notably Bahrain, Dubai, Bali and South Africa.