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OCTOBER 8, 2000

Baldi goes bald after Schumacher victory

MICHAEL SCHUMACHER's race engineer Luca Baldisserri shaved his head within minutes of his driver's world title success -- after honoring a bet made 12 months ago.

Baldisserri, who was Eddie Irvine's race engineer in the Ulsterman's own championship challenge in 1999, made the same bet last year and carried over the promise when moving to the German's camp this season.

"I made a bet and I've stuck to it," Baldisserri said. "I am so happy for Michael and we've won the title at last."

Canadian Evan Short, involved in the communications side of the Ferrari team, joined Baldisserri in the head-shaving antics as technical director Ross Brawn admitted he was struck numb by the result.

"I couldn't move as I felt numb when Michael crossed the line," Brawn said. "I can't believe it's happened and we got a nice drop of rain at the right time."