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OCTOBER 2, 2000

Bridgestone supply teams with new compound for potential title decider

Bridgestone have revealed that they will be supplying the 11 Formula One teams with a new medium compound tire as they prepare for the potential title decider in Japan this weekend.

The Japanese supplier tested the new compound, which is a new variety of the medium specification tire, at Silverstone, Estoril, Magny-Cours, Mugello and Fiorano last week.

Bridgestone Motorsport's technical manager Yoshihiko Ichikawa said that the new compound will offer increased durability to the tires used previously this season.

"This is a very important race for us, not only because it is our home Grand Prix, but it could be the deciding round which settles whether Michael (Schumacher) or Mika (Hakkinen) become World Champion," said Ichikawa.

"We will be supplying the teams with a medium specification dry tire which has a totally new compound and is very different from the other medium tires we have been using throughout the season."

Bridgestone have also revealed that a stickier wet tire will be used along with heavier wets which were used during the Belgian Grand Prix weekend at Spa.