Coulthard hits back at Schumacher

David Coulthard has hit back at championship leader Michael Schumacher after he criticized his aggressive driving at the United States Grand Prix.

Schumacher accused Coulthard of trying to help his team-mate Mika Hakkinen at Indianapolis by making it difficult for him to pass at the start of the race.

The Scot had beaten Schumacher to the first corner and then appeared to touch wheels with his Ferrari rival during an overtaking manoeuvre.

But Coulthard has hit back at the German and declared that his comments are not justified.

"That's really unfair," said Coulthard. "I give Michael credit for his move to overtake me and respect for being a good driver and I don't see why he has to have a pop at me. It is always going to be close in those situations.

"It's annoying for him to say these things about me but we'll see at the end of the season who is the champion."

Coulthard said he will be doing all he can to help Hakkinen pick up his third consecutive title but vowed to abide by the rules.

He said: "It's not over yet not by a long way. I hope to have quite an influence in helping Mika to the title. I work for the team and I will do what I have to, to help them but I will not do anything outside the sporting rules.

"People know that is not my style, it is not how I drive. Michael accuses me of pushing him wide but when he was on the outside of me on his overtaking move going into the corner I could have accelerated him off the circuit.

"I didn't because it is not sporting and it was never in my mind. I seem to remember Michael trying one or two things in other races in similar situations."

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