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SEPTEMBER 22, 2000

Mosley hits out at "embarrassing" Silverstone

Formula One chief Max Mosley has hit out at the outdated Silverstone facilities and warned that the future of the British Grand Prix could be in doubt.

Mosley, who was taking a tour around the brand new, sparkling facilities at the Indianapolis "brickyard" track, insisted that the Silverstone venue was dilapidated in comparison to the host of the United States Grand Prix.

"The future of the British Grand Prix as a round of the world championship must be in serious doubt," Mosley said.

Mosley added that he was embarrassed by the facilities and the poor traffic access to the 'home of British motor racing'.

He said: "The worst thing is that people cannot get in or out. When people ask me about Silverstone I feel like cringing with embarrassment. I just hope we can get the place up to scratch very quickly."