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SEPTEMBER 12, 2000

Arrows boss hits out over chief designer exit

Arrows boss Tom Walkinshaw has hit out at fellow team-owners over the poaching of his Formula One employees.

His comments come after Jordan recently recruited Arrows' chief designer Eghbal Hamidy and Walkinshaw has highlighted this as a major problem in the sport.

"It is a counter productive," Walkinshaw said. "If people insist on having a long-term contract when they're negotiating to join a team, then they should have the integrity to honour the terms of the agreements they sign."

Walkinshaw would also like to see a change in the way that contracts are handled, to prevent similar situations happening in the future, where compensation is paid to teams.

He said: "I'm not sure that you shouldn't have the same thing for the technical people as you have for the drivers.

"In their case, the contracts are lodged and if you want to make an approach you get it cleared by contract recognition board. It's getting silly in Formula 1, where you have contracts for a couple of years.

"Six years in you've got teams offering inducements to people to break their contracts. That's just not correct."