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SEPTEMBER 11, 2000

Mosley versus Dennis

THE ongoing battle between the FIA President Max Mosley and some of the Formula 1 team owners took a new turn last week when a letter from Mosley to Sir Frank Williams was leaked to the press. The letter complained that Williams had signed a letter with McLaren boss Ron Dennis to the European Commission asking for the Competition Directorate to look at the FIA Court of Appeal. Mosley complained that Williams should have tried to effect change within the sport rather than going to the EU.

"The only conclusion I can come to," wrote Mosley, "is that you had reasons other than a genuine desire to change the FIAƊCourt of Appeal. The only obvious motive would be a wish to disrupt our negotiations with the EU Commission."

Williams refused to comment on the letter.

Mosley made a number of disparaging remarks about Dennis in the letter but the McLaren boss also refused to make any comment. Mosley's antagonistic approach is unlikely to achieve much in the long term as the F1 teams remain convinced that reform is needed at the FIA. The team bosses have no power to make things change and so there is a high level of frustration. However, we do hear that the FIA may be looking at ways in which it can improve the relations with the teams and improve its image. According to most sources the best way to achieve that would be to keep Mosley and Dennis apart.