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AUGUST 28, 2000

Newey and Ferrar

THERE were suggestions in Belgium that McLaren's technical director Adrian Newey has been approached by Ferrari with a massive financial offer to lure him to Maranello, where he would replace Ross Brawn. Brawn has been trying to win the WorldÊChampionship with Michael Schumacher for the last three years but without success.

Newey remains under contract with McLaren until the middle of 2002 and so could not design a Ferrari until the 2003 season. The rumors were denied by Ferrari's Jean Todt was said that it was "pure speculation" and said that he felt that Ferrari is more likely to be successful if "we stick to the same team".

Newey says he has no special desire to go to Ferrari and that he is quite happy where he is. It has to be said, however, that Newey has achieved about as much as he can with McLaren and might be interested in a new challenge. On the other hand he is hardly likely to leave the team until he has used the advanced research and development facilities at the new McLaren factory. Our spies suggest that Newey is far more likely to move to Jaguar Racing in a couple of years rather than going to Ferrari. Jaguar Racing is currently investing in a $125m headquarters at Silverstone. The new site, which will house all of Ford's motor racing programs is expected to be built on a 50-acre site but work cannot begin until Silverstone has planning permission for the work.