Rule changes ahead

THE Formula 1 team bosses are to meet this week in London to discuss the future shape of Formula 1. It will be the first big meeting about the rules of Grand Prix racing for over six months. We understand that there is a large agenda to be gone through and that it includes the proposal to relax the rules about electronic driver aids as it has become impossible for the FIA to police the current regulations in the time available. There are also expected to be discussions about the format of race meetings in the years ahead with some suggesting that it would be a good idea to reduce Grand Prix meetings to two days. At the same time there are proposals that qualifying be spread over two days with aggregate timing. This will involve a relaxation in the tire regulations with teams being allowed a total of 10 sets of tires.

There are also expected to be discussions about the ownership of Formula 1 and whether or not the teams will be able to buy into the main company. There are also proposals to reduce the amount of testing once again, increasing a testing ban in August. The teams also want a three-week gap between races in August so that there is the chance for the staff to have a midseason holiday with their families.

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