Coulthard and Schumacher in rare agreement

FIERCE rivals David Coulthard and Michael Schumacher were in rare agreement when both drivers opposed plans to turn qualifying into a two-day affair.

The pair insisted that the move was the wrong option but did admit that the current Grand Prix weekend set-up needs changing.

Prost team boss Alain Prost had previously suggested that qualifying for Grands Prix should, in future, be spread over two days - the Friday and Saturday of a race weekend.

But Schumacher and Coulthard insisted that they would prefer a shorter event, by starting practice on a Saturday, instead of a Friday, and then going straight into qualifying on the same day, before the race on Sunday.

"I think we should turn up at the circuit on Friday instead of Thursday, just practice on Saturday and then go straight into qualifying and go home after the race on Sunday," said McLaren driver Coulthard. "It would make the weekend shorter."

Ferrari's Schumacher supported Coulthard's statement. The German said: "I think David's suggestion is quite nice. Let's just arrive on Friday and make it a weekend event."

Prost also confirmed that he is set to meet FIA vice-president Bernie Ecclestone in London on Wednesday to discuss the future of Formula One.

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