Jaguar's long-term plan

JAGUAR'S technical director Gary Anderson has issued a vote of confidence to the team, and believes they will eventually get to grips with McLaren and Ferrari.

The team has struggled since it's debut at this year's Australian Grand Prix, but Anderson believes they have now spotted the areas they need to improve.

"I am pretty confident that we have identified some of the areas in which we have some shortcomings," said Anderson. "But ultimately it is all a question of chipping away to build up our knowledge."

Although Anderson does not believe the team can make a dramatic performance improvement immediately, he says that the set-up at Jaguar will pay dividends in the long term.

"Our priority must be to believe we can get on terms with Ferrari and McLaren and I don't think this is impossible by any means in the longer term. We have to have the vision and belief that we can do it."

The team is currently lying ninth out of 11 teams, with a total of three points from the 12 races so far this season.

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