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AUGUST 18, 2000

Bridgestone set to produce new tire for USA Grand Prix

BRIDGESTONE will be producing a special tire-compound in preparation for the USA Grand Prix.

The Japanese tire company has created a new compound after some of the F1 teams expressed their concerns over the tire wear that would be endured around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The new circuit has been specially designed for Formula One, and steers away from the traditional Oval track, but does incorporate Turn 1 and the long pit-straight that will shred the tires, teams have predicted.

Bridgestone have confirmed that they will be designing a new tire, but they were unable to make any more comment about the compound.

"We are designing tire, but we can't say anything at the moment," a spokesperson said.

The drivers are predicted to reach a speed of 350kph on the straight, a speed that would require a certain level of pressure that would obliterate grip on the slower parts of the circuit.

If Bridgestone are successful in developing this new tire, it would consequently give them an advantage over rivals Michelin, who are entering into Formula One next year.