Ferrari president Di Montezemolo encourages Barrichello's title aspirations

FERRARI president Luca Di Montezemolo has insisted that his primary aim is to see Ferrari win the Formula One drivers' World Championship and not give preference to either driver.

Reports this week had suggested Di Montezemolo had told Rubens Barrichello not to compete against championship leader Michael Schumacher in the title race.

But Di Montezemolo said on Saturday that his main concern is to see the Italian marque win the championship and he does not mind if it is Barrichello or Schumacher lifting the title.

"I want both Ferrari drivers to race for the championship without damaging each other," said Di Montezemolo. "For me, I just want to see a Ferrari driver win and I will not give preference to one driver.

"We are in the best position for 21 years to do it and we must make sure it happens this year. We will continue to see what happens at each race. If Michael is in the lead he will get priority, but if Rubens is ahead it will be his turn."

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