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AUGUST 11, 2000

Ferrari chief accuses Villeneuve in new war of words

FERRARI technical chief Ross Brawn has sparked a new war of words in Formula One by clashing with British American Racing driver Jacques Villeneuve.

The Englishmen, who is the genius behind Ferrari's cars and tactics, said that some people had launched deliberate vindictive attacks on Michael Schumacher in a bid to upset him and the team.

Brawn said: "These people seem to have a different agenda and just want to be vindictive about Michael.

"It is totally unfair and, personally, I have been very upset by it."

Brawn also accused McLaren of favoritism as he continued on the offensive, claiming David Coulthard had been unfairly treated by the team.

He added: "McLaren have heavily favored Hakkinen in the last two races and made the decision to bring him in under the safety car in Germany. This meant David was not allowed to make full use his race strategy."