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AUGUST 10, 2000

Irvine warns Schumacher - it's win or bust now

EDDIE IRVINE has warned Michael Schumacher that if he does not win this weekend's Hungarian Grand Prix he can kiss goodbye to his world championship dream.

"This is a really important race for him," said Irvine, the German's former Ferrari team-mate. "He loves it and he is brilliant here along with Monaco.

"So, he knows he has to do something. If he leaves here after another mishap or something and with the two McLaren men in front of him in the championship, it will be very difficult for him.

"I wouldn't want to be in his shoes. It is very close now, but I wouldn't be putting my money on Michael if he doesn't win this one."

Schumacher arrived stony-faced in Budapest knowing that his two-point advantage in the title race could be blown away. He has 56 points while the two McLaren Mercedes-Benz men David Coulthard and defending champion Mika Hakkinen are on 54.

And Irvine added: "He can't rely on anyone to help can he? Everyone's gunning for him now. If he goes off with David, he lets Mika in to score so it's tough for him.

"And Mika looks like the best man under pressure. He is the cool one. Michael has been in the thick of the title race for the last couple of years and hasn't won it yet for Ferrari, so what does that tell you?"