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AUGUST 3, 2000

Teleglobe announce BAR sponsorship withdrawl

TELEGLOBE have announced that they will withdraw their sponsorship with British American Racing at the end of the current season.

The Canadian company, a leading global provider of broadband and internet services, reached an agreement with the Brackley-based team to end their sponsorship deal at the end of the year in order to further business projects.

"While we can appreciate the value of Teleglobe's involvement with BAR Honda, our decision to withdraw was based on our evolving marketing and business objectives," said Lisa Donnan, Teleglobe's chief marketing officer.

BAR team-boss Craig Pollock is disappointed at the loss of Teleglobe, who were the team's second major sponsor behind Lucky Strike.

"It is always sad to part with a sponsor, especially one that has been with us since the beginning, but we understand Teleglobe's decision," Pollock said.

"Teleglobe has been more than a sponsor to us, they were a valued partner."