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AUGUST 1, 2000

Jordan buys more land for factory

EDDIE JORDAN has just acquired more land around his facility at Silverstone and is now planning a major expansion for the team factory. The team is now believed to be trying to get planning permission to increase the size of the factory which dates back to 1992 when Jordan had only 60 employees. Today the team has around 200 people and although the factory has already been expanded more space is needed.

The team has its own windtunnel five miles from the factory, in the town of Brackley, but there is no plan for this facility to be altered at the moment as it is apparently a very effective tunnel, although it dates back nearly 12 years when it was built by March for its Formula 1 program.

Planning permission should not be too much of a problem although Jordan Grand Prix has an unusual problem in that the factory is built on the border between Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire and so it may be that there will two planning applications necessary, depending on what Jordan decides to build.