Coulthard ends overtaking row

DAVID COULTHARD has ended his row with Michael Schumacher by saying he would not dispute the overtaking rules following their clash at Magny Cours three weeks ago.

Coulthard accused Schumacher of dangerous driving after the French race and wanted clarification of what the ruling was in overtaking situations.

But a meeting in Austria with race stewards backed Schumacher's driving style and now Coulthard has insisted he wants to get back to fighting for pole in qualifying for the German Grand Prix on Saturday.

"Racing is hard, its wheel to wheel and its going to lead to disagreements from time to time, I certainly feel that once you have discussed these points it should be the end of it," Coulthard said.

"As long as we all know what the line is, then we can all go racing. We just needed to know where we stand," he added.

Schumacher was equally dismissive about the subject. "If the rules allow us to fight like this, we will fight like this. It's part of the business," he


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