Irvine hits back at Schumacher

EDDIE IRVINE has hit back at Michael Schumacher and told the German to quit his role as the leading voice of the 22-man grid.

Schumacher criticized Jaguar's Irvine, his former team-mate at Ferrari, after he made comments about his on-track tactics, but the Ulsterman insists Schumacher, who he branded a 'bully', must quit as the head of the Grand Prix Drivers' Association because he is not a safe driver.

"He should take me seriously," said Irvine. "Michael is just arrogant. I am not saying things just to wind him up.

"This is a safety issue and Michael should take it seriously, if not he should resign as head of the Grand Prix Drivers' Association."

Irvine was fuming at Schumacher's actions at the San Marino and French Grands Prix, where he veered across the track in front of rival David Coulthard, and branded it illegal.

"Michael will just carry on until something happens and there is an accident," he added. "But I believe what goes around, comes around. At the end of the day Michael will pay somewhere down the line."

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