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JULY 27, 2000

Schumacher welcomes FIA Hakkinen decision

MICHAEL SCHUMACHER welcomed the Federation Internationale L'Automobile's decision to allow Mika Hakkinen's Austrian Grand Prix victory to stand - because he wants to win the title without outside help.

German Schumacher, who has seen his lead in the championship cut to just six points, insists he wants to win the his third title by performing on the track, rather than from the helping hand of race stewards.

"I don't think Mika had a problem," Schumacher said. "Obviously something was missing for the car, but I don't really know what was the problem. Ferrari are better informed and it is not my place to know these things.

"But as a driver, you want to win races on the circuit and you want to win the championship on the circuit not because of decisions like this.

"Obviously Mika and David are my main rivals and I want to beat them. I don't think one is more my rival, just the one who is quicker and who is scoring more points."

Schumacher admits that his build-up to his home event in Germany has been far from ideal, but he claims the problems his Ferrari has been hit with during recent events are now behind the team.

"My preparations have been ideal, obviously, but I believe this era will come to an end and we can turn the luck around," he added.

"I don't think it is slipping away from us. Various circumstances have contributed to us not scoring points but things like this happen."