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JULY 20, 2000

Stewart: no decision on Franchitti

FORMER Jaguar Chairman Jackie Stewart, who originally talked about a test with Dario Franchitti last year, was impressed by the Scot's performance at Silverstone this week, but commented; "we haven't got a definitive list yet of candidates under consideration for next year.

"Dario did a very good, sensible job. He took things cautiously and that was a very good way to do it. He ran on heavy fuel loads for much of the time and didn't make any mistakes."

On Tuesday Franchitti managed a 1m 28.41s best and improved to 1m 27.94s the following day. "I haven't decided whether I will come to F1 or not next year," he said during a briefing at the circuit. "Barry Green (his CART entrant) wants me to stay, but I drove the Jaguar because I asked Jackie Stewart if I could. In fact we first talked about this last year, but I was unable to find a place in our schedule.

"As far as the difference between an F1 car and a Champcar are concerned, unless you brought them both to Silverstone at the same time, I wouldn't be able to make a valid comparison."