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JULY 19, 2000

Monza completes work in record time

MODIFICATIONS to the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, the venue for September's Italian Grand Prix, have been completed in record time.

The work to straighten out the first chicane and the Roggia, approved in January by the FIA, was completed yesterday (Tuesday) in just sixteen days.

The most significant change was to the first chicane, which now becomes a straight 'in-out' chicane instead of the double kink that it was before.

The Formula One cars are now expected to pass through at 80 kph after braking from 360 kph on the pit straight.

Despite the modification work being completed on time, the Formula One tests scheduled for August 1-4 have been put back to August 16-17. Only a few F1 teams are expected to test however.

The pre-Italian Grand Prix test session has been confirmed for August 29 to September 1.