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JULY 11, 2000

Playing football tougher than F1 - Schumacher

FORMER world champion Michael Schumacher says that playing football is more physically demanding than driving a Formula One car.

Schumacher, who is currently vying for a third world championship crown with Ferrari, is a renowned football fan and featured in a charity match on Saturday against the 1990 German World Cup winning squad.

"I think playing soccer is physically much heavier than driving a Formula One car," said Schumacher, who scored two goals in the 8-4 defeat to the former national side.

"The physical load that you have to combat is much higher, so I have a great deal of respect for footballers.

"I know they were professionals and will not make unnecessary fouls. They know where the ball is and where your legs are all the time."

The match, which was held in Rome, raised DM50,000 for Unesco Children in Need.