Discussions over testing

FORMULA 1 teams are once again discussing whether or not to change the format of Grand Prix weekends and whether or not to increase the ban on testing, in an effort to cut down on costs. A number of different proposals have been made, including a ban on all testing at Grand Prix venues between races but an extension to the running allowed on Friday at each track. In order for a change to be made all the teams (including the new Toyota team) need to agree and it is hard to imagine that this will happen. There have also been discussions about whether or not Friday should become an official qualifying day again as at the moment there is little excitement produced. Using an aggregate system of times would mean that Friday would become meaningful again and the danger of Saturday's session being made redundant by rain would be negated. With modern computer calculation there would be no problem with aggregate timing.

Some teams are arguing against the testing ban as they feel that it would not save any money as the bigger teams would simply invest the money in developing the existing seven-post rigs which would recreate the stresses and strains on the car. There would also be considerable investment in software to improve vehicle dynamics programs.

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