Coulthard keeps his cool

DAVID COULTHARD took a wide berth from Ferrari rival Michael Schumacher this week.

The McLaren driver, who was angered by the former world champion's driving tactics at the French Grand Prix a week ago, came face to face with Schumacher at testing in Mugello, Italy.

According to eye witnesses at the track, Coulthard acknowledged Schumacher with a wave when they first spotted one another, but from then on the Scot kept his distance.

Coulthard remained tight-lipped about the confrontation.

"I am here to test and develop the car, and not for anything else," said Coulthard, who is currently second in the drivers' world championship, 12 points behind Schumacher.

"I will only talk about the present and the future. I haven't got time for problems of the past."

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