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JULY 4, 2000

Hill set to make racing return in new touring car series

Ex-Formula One world champion Damon Hill is set to come out of retirement and make his racing return as one of the first drivers to sign up for the new international motorsports series - 'Superstars'.

Hill, who won the Formula One title in 1996 with Williams, is interested in returning to the cockpit for the touring car 'Superstars' series, which was launched in Monaco on Tuesday.

"Damon has spoken to us and said he is interested," said Maurizio Flammini, the founder of 'Superstars'. "He has opened the door of negotiations at this moment, and I can say that Damon is considering Superstars but he has other options as well."

He added: "We will do anything to get Damon. He is a very nice personality and would bring a lot to the sport."

'Superstars' will be based across Europe and is set to start in April 2001. Volvo, Alfa Romeo and Honda are manufacturers who have already expressed an interest in competing in the series.