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JUNE 30, 2000

Michelin boss warns of tire wars

MICHELIN motor racing boss Pierre Dupasquier has urged the FIA to clarify tire regulations when the French manufacturer enters the sport next season.

Dupasquier admitted that the 'gentleman's agreement' currently in place with sole suppliers Bridgestone may be broken when tire competition resumed in 2001.

Currently there are no rules to specify a maximum depth of groove on a tire and govern the state of a tire at the end of a Grand Prix.

"Nobody pays attention to the shape of the poor things at the end of races," said Dupasquier. "In most cases races finish with cars running on almost slick tires.

"We need more specific (guidelines) about the checks on the tires after the race."

Dupasquier admitted he was worried that races could be decided by disqualification with teams thrown out for excessive tire wear.

He added: "Without any better information about it, and unless we have everything precisely set out in writing, we will all be running on slick tires."

Dupasquier also suggested that the prospect of seeing teams run with color-coordinated tires was unrealistic as the black carbon was a crucial element in producing a 'quick' tire.