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JUNE 21, 2000

Stewart infuriated by British GP rescheduling

The provisional re-scheduling of the 2001 British Grand Prix for May 13, rather than the hoped-for return to a July date, has infuriated Jackie Stewart who is expected to take over from Ken Tyrrell as president of the BRDC at next month's annual general meeting. The news of the date change came at today's FIA World Council meeting in Warsaw which had been convened to consider the events surrounding last Easter's chaotic round of the F1 World Championship at Silverstone.

The 2001 British fixture has been granted provisional status and is expected to be confirmed as definite at the next FIA World Council meeting on October 4 - provided that the Britain's Motor Sports Association can guarantee major organisational revisions.

Although confident that these requirements can be reached, Stewart feels that the FIA could have quite easily secured a July date for the British race, rather than allowing the French and Austrian GPs to monopolise that month in the calendar.

"I am very disappointed that the July date has not been restored," said Stewart today, "because it has been traditional for a great number of years."Since Britain is the capital of motorsport it seems to me wrong that our race has not been given a time more suitable.

"However, I am sure than the MSA and the BRDC will ensure that all of the appropriate conditions to run the race will be provided, as they have been all these years until the extreme conditions which prevailed at this year's race which was held on a date demanded by the FIA."

Specifically, the FIA is insisting that race control at Silverstone changes its procedures to ensure more efficient marshalling, that the circuit and police authorities guarantee improved traffic access and that details of compensation for ticket-holding spectators who could not enter the circuit are made available