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MAY 29, 2000

Briatore denies that he plans to dump Wurz

FLAVIO BRIATORE, the boss of the Benetton Formula 1 team, says that the team will stick with Alexander Wurz for the rest of the season. "He will definitely be with us for the rest of the season," said Briatore. "I don't know where all these rumors of him being forced out of the team have come from."

Briatore seems to forget that not everyone in the paddock believes what he says and many remember the unseemly business back at Monza in 1991 when Roberto Moreno was ditched by the team and Michael Schumacher put in his place, despite the fact that Moreno had a contract with the team.

The only thing that might keep Wurz in the drive is that it was Briatore who hired him for Benetton and to dump him would be for Briatore to admit that he made a mistake.