BMW's new V10

OUR spies in Munich report that despite losing the chief designer for the 2001 V10 engine, BMW Motorsport in Munich will have an all-new engine ready in time to begin testing in November. The new engine has been drawn by a number of ex-Cosworth employees including Simon Cawthorne and Dave Fraser and the men in Munich are confident that the engine will be as light and as fast as anything currently running. The current units are rather old fashioned in comparison to the top-level engines but are still showing very well so far this year, although BMW Motorpsort is struggling to keep up with the number of engines needed for the program and for the Michelin testing activities.

We hear that the new engine will probably begin running during the testing ban period in the back of the Michelin test cars as these are not covered by FIA regulations until the start of the 2000 season.

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