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APRIL 10, 2000

Brazil gets off lightly

THE Confederacao Brasileira de Automobilismo, the Brazilian national sporting authority, which organizes the race at Interlagos every year, has been fined only $100,000 for the incidents in qualifying in which several advertising hoardings fell onto the race track when cars passed beneath them. The FIA World Council agreed that the problem had been caused by "a combination of different, quite exceptional circumstances" and that there were "mitigating circumstances".

The safety commission was asked to examine whether or not it is a good idea to allow signage to be hung over the track in the future.

The small fine is curious in that Jerez de la Frontera is not allowed to have a Grand Prix because a local dignitary decided that he wanted to be on the podium. There was no safety issue involved and yet the Spanish circuit has been very harshly punished.

Mosley said that the ban on Jerez had later been rescinded following meetings with the Spanish Minister of Sport.