Michelin on the move

MICHELIN is due to begin testing its Formula 1 tires today at the BMW test track at Miramas, near Marseilles. The tires will be run on a 1999 Williams-BMW FW21B which will be driven by Tom Kristensen. The Dane is expected to do all the early development work as Bridgestone has made it clear that any driver who has run on Michelins cannot test Bridgestones. As Williams wants to use test drivers Bruno Junqueira and Jorg Muller later this year, it was decided that Kristensen should be given the job.

Michelin is due to announce today that it will be supplying Jaguar Racing with tires next year and it is expected that Prost, Sauber, Benetton and Jordan will join Williams using the French products next year. The new Toyota F1 team will also use the French tires when it begins testing in 2001.

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