Jordan signs German Post Office deal

JORDAN GRAND PRIX has announced a major sponsorship deal with Deutsche Post and will run with the company's postal horn logo on the side of the car - along with Euro Express branding, which will publicize DP's courier service. A deal between DP and BMW Williams had been under discussion but Jordan got the contract because of its link with Heinz-Harald╩Frentzen and because it could offer DP a yellow car - DP's color scheme being yellow. We understand that BMW╩ Williams was not willing to allow yellow on to the car as BMW - which owns the styling rights to the Williams - wants the car to be white with blue signage. In recent tests there have been signs of that emerging with Castrol, Nortel, Veltins and Sonax all appearing in blue and white. We hear that the team will soon announce a major sponsorship deal with the computer firm Compaq.

The Deutsche Post deal with Jordan is for three years and is rumored to be worth around $10m per year.

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