Honda to try Minassian

WE understand that Honda is to run one of the prototype Formula 1 chassis built earlier this year by the now-defunct HRD operation at Pembrey, in Wales, later this week. The car - which is being overseen a number of ex-HRD employees - is to be driven by French Formula 3000 driver Nicolas Minassian. The test may also be used to run the latest version of the British American Racing livery for 2000. There was a similar test last year to see if the color schemes looked good when they were filmed. The team is rumored to be planning to unveil the new color scheme at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The Pembrey test is also to try out the latest version of the Honda electronics system which will be used next year. The company has reworked the V10 engine which will be used next year after some disappointing early tests but we understand that there is still a V12 research program going on in Japan.

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