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AUGUST 30, 1999

Schumacher's legs

MICHAEL SCHUMACHER is due to be at the wheel of a Ferrari in testing at Monza this week despite the fact that his recent test at Mugello did the German more harm than good. Although officially Schumacher's progress continues we hear that he has had some serious problems with his cartilages after the test and this may delay his return. The damage caused him considerable pain and we hear that he had to stop his physiotherapy for several days. Whether or not this will mean that he will not be fit for Monza remains to be seen.

There are a number of dangers in returning too quickly. Another crash could cause serious long-term damage to his legs which would be disastrous for his prospects for the 2000 season.

Even if he is fit enough to drive the FIA demands that a driver is not only able to get out of the cockpit of his car within five seconds but he must also be able to run away from the car so that if he is involved in an accident which involves fire he will still be safe. This will not be easy.