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JUNE 7, 1999

BMW confirms Laurentz

BMW MOTORSPORT has confirmed that 46-year-old Dr. Werner Laurentz is to head its Formula 1 engine program. He will replace veteran engineer Paul Rosche who will retire at the end of the year. Laurentz previously worked with rival car manufacturer Audi and even designed a Formula 1 engine for the Ingolstadt company in the early 1990s when Audi was looking at a possible involvement in Grand Prix racing.

Rosche and his engineering team are currently developing the second phase V10 engine which is being track-tested by Jorg Muller but a completely new engine is already being designed with input from the current program and from British designer Alan Cowell, who played an important role in the design of the exciting new Ford CR-1 V10 engine at Cosworth.

BMW is thought likely to announce the suspension of its Le Mans sportscar program after the French event next week.