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JUNE 7, 1999

Lord Hesketh under pressure

LORD ALEXANDER HESKETH, former Formula 1 team owner and the president of the British Racing Drivers' Club, is reportedly under pressure to resign his position following the announcement that the British Grand Prix will move to BrandsÊHatch in 2002. Silverstone - which is owned by the BRDC - failed to agree terms with F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone and tried to call his bluff. Ecclestone responded by concluding a deal with Brands Hatch boss Nicola Foulston.

While there is still a small chance that Brands Hatch will be denied planning permission to make the changes needed for the track to conform with F1 safety standards, it looks increasingly likely that Silverstone will now lose the race and there have been rumors in recent days that there are plans to construct an oval circuit at Silverstone in order to host an Indycar race, as an attraction to rival the British Grand Prix.

This is an interesting idea, particularly if the CART-IRL split is patched up and oval racing is able to build itself into an international series. But, it is not enough for some of the 830 members of the BRDC who hold Hesketh and his board of directors responsible for the failure to keep the British GP.