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MAY 17, 1999

Indianapolis gets September 24, 2000

THE United States Grand Prix at Indianapolis will take place on September 24 next year. The deal, which has to be ratified by the FIA, was announced by the Speedway and Bernie Ecclestone's Formula One Administration. The announcement is bad news for the Nurburgring which has had the September date in recent years for its European and Luxembourg GrandsÊPrix. We expect the Germans to bid for another date earlier in the year.

The race which looks most likely to drop out of the F1 calendar in the next few years is the Hungarian GP but the Nurburgring cannot take the August date as it would be too close to the German GP date. If it is to survive therefore theÊNurburgring race will have to go to a new Spring date.

Work at Indianapolis is now well underway on the construction of the infield circuit with thirty-six new pitlane garages, a new media center and control tower.