Salo to race at Monaco?

Finland's Mika Salo is expected to drive for BAR at Monaco as Ricardo Zonta is unlikely to be able to test for the team this week and so it is wiser that the F1 rookie waits another couple of weeks before making a proper comeback and leaves Salo to tackle Monaco with the team. The BAR team will test this week at Nogaro and we expect to see Salo in the car for that test.

BAR is trying to settle down a little after a rather difficult start to the year but there are still changes taking place within the BAT-BAR structure. In recent days we have heard that Tom Moser, the BAT executive who was primarily responsible for the deal for Craig Pollock to get the BAT sponsorship money - despite considerable opposition from a number of established teams - has been replaced by Canadian Ralph Wittenberg, who was previously a brand manager with 555 in London. We believe that Moser is being retained in some form of consultancy role with the team. We have also hard that Reynard's Rick Gorne has taken on a slightly different role, moving from the marketing side of the team to an operational position. Both moves have yet to be confirmed by the team.

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