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APRIL 26, 1999

Ferrari looking at Trulli

RUMORS from France suggest that Ferrari's Jean Todt is considering making a bid for Jarno Trulli to join Michael Schumacher at Ferrari for the 2000 season. The Italian, who currently drives for Prost Grand Prix, is rumored to be replacing EddieƊIrvine. The 24-year-old Italian has impressed many people in F1 with his speed and maturity and it is widely believed that now that he has a couple of seasons of F1 experience under his belt he is ready for more competitive machinery.

The rumors make little sense however. Irvine has done a better job this season than ever before, winning in Australia. He is currently ahead of Schumacher in the World Championship but says that he will support the German's challenge for the World title - if it materializes.

The move to Ferrari alongside Schumacher makes little sense for Trulli because it is not likely he would be willing to sign a contract to support Schumacher. In addition Ferrari's performance this year is disappointing and Trulli seems to think that there is more potential at Prost Grand Prix than with other teams. He is under contract to Prost until the end of 2000, and although he has a longer-term contract with Benetton which is still running - the Enstone team having paid for his pre-F1 career in the German Formula 3 series - it looks likely that he will stay where he is.

Prost say that he intends to keep Jarno and is not interested in selling the contract. The Prost chassis is clearly very good this year and with Peugeot planning an all-new V10 engine next year, Trulli is hoping for success at Prost.

It should be remembered that Trulli was on Frank Williams's shopping list two years ago and that Frank also remains a big Trulli fan.