Cordoba bidding for Argentine race

WITH Argentina having dropped out of the World Championship this year because no money could be found to fund the race in Buenos Aires, the city of Cordoba is planning to make a bid to host the race in the future. Cordoba is 450 miles to the north-west of Buenos Aires and is the country's second largest city, although it is only about one tenth the size of the capital.

Situated in the foothills of the Sierra de Cordoba mountains, the city has a long history and a pleasant climate, which has enabled the locals to develop a thriving tourist trade, although they would like to use a Grand Prix to develop this business. The city already acts as the headquarters each year for the Rally of Argentina and has its own racing circuit - the Circuit Oscar Cabalin. In 1960 there was a Formula Libre race at the track, won by Maurice Trintignant in a Cooper-Climax, but today the track is used only for local events and an annual round of the South American Formula 3 series. There would have to be considerable rebuilding work to make it suitable for modern Grand Prix cars.

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